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Isotherm Cruise Elegance Fridges

Isotherm Cruise Elegance marine fridges are the ultimate combination of style and technology. Cruise Elegance fridges are designed specifically for marine use. They range from 42 litres to 130 litres in size. This range of camper van and marine fridges shows Isotherm ambition to design and build high-quality and energy-efficient fridges. These…

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About The Isotherm Cruise 65 Elegance Fridge

The Isotherm Cruise 65 Elegance is a 65 litre fridge, which is now available in various colours, with interchangeable door panels in a range of colours and finishes. The CR65 Elegance Silver features a brushed aluminium panel as standard. The new Elegance design features a two-inch thick door for superior efficiency….

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