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How Does A Webasto Air Top Heater Work?

Starting the heater When the unit is switched on the dosing pump feeds fuel from your vessel’s fuel tank to the heater. Here, the fuel is automatically ignited by means of a glow plug. If combustion does not occur immediately, the unit automatically repeats the start-up procedure. Combustion In the combustion chamber…

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Why Choose a Webasto Air Top Heater?

What is a Webasto Air Top Heater? Webasto Air Top air heaters are a cost effective and efficient heating solution for your boat or camper van. The high performance warm air circulation system quickly brings the boat or van interior up to the desired temperature. Fully independent from the engine,…

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The Webasto Air Top Heater

With a Webasto Air Top Heater you can enjoy precise and constant temperatures inside your motor home or your boat, at any altitude or in any weather conditions. Webasto air heaters provide continuous heating power output via stepless modulation. The heater operates quietly while consuming minimal electrical power and fuel….

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About Webasto Air Top Heaters

With all of our Webasto Air Top heater kits, We supply a full heater kit which includes heater, mounting bracket, wiring loom, leakproof exhaust silencer, hull fitting, exhaust lagging, fitting kit, fuel standpipe, copper fuel pipe, air intake silencer and digital timer. Webasto have been manufacturing air heaters for more than 80…

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