Isotherm Fridge with Door Panels

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Isotherm Cruise Elegance marine fridges are a great combination of style and technology.

They are designed specifically for marine and RV use, and can be used off-road, and at sea.

They range from 42 litres to 130 litres in size. 

Dimensions of Cruise Elegance Fridges

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More about Cruise Elegance fridges

Cruise Elegance fridges are designed to increase efficiency and deliver great performance in the marine and mobile environments. They feature robust design,  top-quality insulation and doors which are two inches thick.

A magnetic freezer door adds to the efficiency and performance of the Elegance range. This helps with frosting issues.

The compact freezer size also allows for storage of tall bottles , even in the smaller models in the range.

Cruise Elegance Door Panels

They are flexible in their design and the front door panels can be customized to suit the interior design of your vessel.

Doors can be silver (standard) , white, or black.

A full range of the colours is available on request.

Cruise Elegance Door Panel Example

How to install a Cruise Elegance fridge

Cruise Elegance fridges have an innovative internal anchoring system. This allows the fridge to be installed flush-mounted, or proud-mounted, without a flange.

The new installation system allows an easy fixing of the cabinet directly from the interior of the fridge.

The external flange is now optional for mounting the fridge to the cabinetry.

An innovative internal bushing structure prevents the crushing of the insulated side wall and a cap covers the anchoring screw for a clean, modern look. (See below)

Cruise Elegance Installation example

Installing a Cruise Elegance Fridge

Advantages of the Isotherm Cruise Elegance Fridge

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