Tunnel Thruster

Bow Thruster Installation: Choosing the Right Model

If you are thinking about a bow thruster installation, then a Sleipner thruster could be the answer. JPC Direct can arrange a bow or stern thruster installation throughout Norfolk and the Norfolk Broads, and sometimes further afield. This blog post is designed to help you decide which model of thruster…

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Side-Power Thrusters

About Side-Power Thrusters

Bow and stern thrusters are state-of-the-art mooring devices, with laterally operating propellers. They are designed to help you move your boat in tight spaces and to get to your mooring quickly and safely, even in the most crowded marina. Side-Power manufacture the world’s most comprehensive series of bow and stern…

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Sleipner Side-Power Blog Banner

Bow Thruster Installation: What Model of Side-Power Thruster Do You Need?

For safe and easy installation, and the best possible performance across a variety of boats, uses and conditions, Side-Power and JPC Direct offer a variety of thrusters across four main series, to satisfy all possible requirements, for almost any boat under 160 feet. Side-Power SE Series Thrusters The SE series is…

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